About US

A Brief History


The history of Graphite Bible Chapel goes back to the late 19th century when a small number of believers met together not far from our current location. The first known worship service held in the Graphite area was March 29, 1887 when eight people met that evening in a local schoolhouse and shared in the Lord’s Supper. In October of 1900 the deed for the property of the original chapel building was drawn up which served as our meeting place for seven decades until the mid-1970’s when we built at our current location.

Today, over 120 years after that first meeting, Graphite Bible Chapel continues to meet on shared property with Graphite Bible Camp. As our chapel has served many generations in the past we continue to minister in the present, desiring to grow as individuals and as a body of believers in our walk with Christ, and to be witnesses for him in our community.

Cherishing our roots in the Plymouth Brethren movement, we continue to exist as an independent group of believers who are committed to:

  •  the uncompromised teaching of God’s Word

  • to prayer

  • experiencing vibrant Christian community as God has ordained in the church, and…

  • to sharing the hope of eternal life, both now and forever, that is found only in Jesus Christ



Our Purpose

The purpose of the believers gathering at Graphite Bible Chapel is to follow scriptural injunctions: